March 25th at AWKWARD DINNER

You are welcome to this Friday’s events at Tegen2, Bjurholmsg 9b:                        2nd issue release of the on-growing publication Awkward News and a SDDC cassette release & performance.


Magnus Andersson, Michael Bäckström, Vincent Fagerlund, Fredrik Jansson,  Anders Karlen, Oskar Korsar, Ivana Kralikova, Aron Kullander-Östling,        Roger von Reybekiel, Jelena Rundqvist, Viktorija Siaulyte

Programme of the evening:

6 p.m. Awkward News release #2

with the presentation of art school Brunnsvik Konst                                                        by Jelena Rundqvist and the guest teacher Oskar Korsár                                              (the preface pancake event starting from 2 p.m.)

8 – 11 p.m. SDDC / Madame Cryptica

Facebook event


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