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In search for the A3-printer

Hej Aron,

Jag har nu tittat vidare på detta och måste dessvärre avböja medverkan i trycksaken.

Lycka till!

Christer Ljungqvist


Arkitektkopia AB

Lindhagensgatan 76, Box 30124, 104 25 Stockholm
Tel dir: 08-50 60 70 45 Mobil: 0709-93 70 45 Tel vxl: 08-50 60 70 00


Sometimes you look at what you are doing but everything seems hopeless. You wasted your time. The whole situation is desperate, always was desperate and always will be. There is nothing to look foward to, nothing to live for. You consider ending your life.
Then your period starts. What a blessing, how painful. Everything will be back to normal soon, until next month when this starts all over again.
Before it does you buy many different sweets, doughnuts and a piece of chocolatecake with extra cream. You don’t normally do that. Are other people aware of your period while you walk past them, similarily eating the cake and the doughnuts? You meet a friend and she tells you she just ate two muffins on a 1 stop subwayride. She understands perfectly…you are using candy tampons.

Mirjam S

this situation is crazy but interesting, people that don’t know each other meet in the space and we are almost broke

everything I built of found material either from the street around the gallery or Konstfack

in my work I like to combine sculpture and performance

I like to see this situation as an experiment in meeting other artists and bring together special energy to see what is happening

I built a wall to get more time; I built a stage to hide

I try not to build and analyse at the same time, but I think it is only possible for a short time.

I try to create a situation when you can do as you like together with other people and it is okay to take own decisions without too much hustle

collaboration is magic and how and why do you talk about magic

I think language makes a distance between people and there is nothing we can do about it

if there is more words than people, find the words that keep you smiling

I understand that the world today has a more flattened and leveled, individual and selfish image that evolved over time.

I feel that it gets harder and harder for an  individual to defend itself against such a development.

I try to do something else instead of talking about doing something else

I do not think I can influence very much by pointing out errors and shortcomings, but try instead to change myself and through that hopefully inspire to something else.

I think what I do matters more than what I am trying to say. I try to make it easier to be able to develop both as individuals and together in the way I work with art and how I want to live. I try to find the conditions for ongoing activities and opportunities to share this with others.

I think that a lot of values in different levels in life needs to be constantly re-evaluated

”It’s as if we tried to know what we really can’t know” – Will Oldham

Michael B

Arch and Forest Blue

They had heard about a man that made holes in walls. When hearing that he was on his way to open up this temporary divide they decided to create an architectural enhancement to frame the cavity.

They gathered building materials for their transient monument from various produce departments in nearby supermarkets and from newspaper stands outside the local subway station, and they proceeded to erect this Arch.

Exploring the residual materials of Arch through application of color and arrangement, they continued their process with the composition of Forest Blue and hung it high on the adjacent gallery wall.

Andreas Sandström

Grant Watkins