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March 25th at AWKWARD DINNER

You are welcome to this Friday’s events at Tegen2, Bjurholmsg 9b:                        2nd issue release of the on-growing publication Awkward News and a SDDC cassette release & performance.


Magnus Andersson, Michael Bäckström, Vincent Fagerlund, Fredrik Jansson,  Anders Karlen, Oskar Korsar, Ivana Kralikova, Aron Kullander-Östling,        Roger von Reybekiel, Jelena Rundqvist, Viktorija Siaulyte

Programme of the evening:

6 p.m. Awkward News release #2

with the presentation of art school Brunnsvik Konst                                                        by Jelena Rundqvist and the guest teacher Oskar Korsár                                              (the preface pancake event starting from 2 p.m.)

8 – 11 p.m. SDDC / Madame Cryptica

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Scandy Mountain – The Peak

You’re all welcome to the performance “Scandy Mountain – The Peak” by Michael Bäckström, Lina Persdotter Carlsson, Konrad Kager and Marianne Vlaschits; and the installation work “Somewhere Where There Are Lakes and Mountains” by Marianne Vlaschits and Mirjam Schweiger.

March 18th, 7 – 10 p.m.

There are still some copies left of Awkward News #1.0 that could be purchased during the evening.

Release event and performance by Bolla, Michael Bäckström and Djane Deus Ex Machina

Awkward Dinner invites you to the publication release and the 2nd on-going performance night on March 17th:
7 pm

The release event of the 1st issue of Awkward News, which is an on-growing publication that observes, documents and expands the process of Awkward Dinner activity.
The copies obtained on Thursday will be possible to be updated in the upcoming release events.

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8 pm—10 pm 

Bolla (Liina Nilsson, Sead Imamovic, Vin Bloovd) / Berlin
Michael Bäckström
Djane Deus Ex Machina / Prague



Performance 03.11

Ongoing performance at Awkward Dinner this Friday:

Music performance by KlitClique and sddc

Installation work by Ivana Kralikova and Marianne Vlaschits
Judith Rohrmoser (KlitClique)
Mirjam Schweiger (KlitClique)
Lisa Renvall
Lina Persdotter Carlsson
Konrad Kager (Remus Repolust)
Marianne Vlaschits
Viktorija Šiaulytė
Ivana Králíková
Aron Kullander Östling
Grant Watkins
Andreas Sandström
Michael Bäckström (sddc)
Anders Karlen (sddc)
Vincent Fagerlund (sddc)


AfterParty @ Hemliga trädgården i Midsommarkransen

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This will be the introduction to Awkward Dinner!