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Brunnsvik Konst and SDDC cassette release at Awkward Dinner //03.25


Scandy Mountain // 03.18

Bolla & Michael Bäckström & Djane Deusexmachina // 03.17

Awkward News Release #1

The Awkward News publication has been released on Thursday, March 17th.

The publication is being developed as an on-growing object. Bring your acquired copies to the next release on 25th of March and get it updated with the new content.

KlitClique & SDDC/ 03.11

Images by Aron Kullander-Östling and Ruben Wätte

Installation by Ivana Králíková and Marianne Vlaschits

Redaktion-Restaurang // Editorial Restaurant

Redaktion-Restaurang has been inaugurated on the 5th of March as an interface between eating and reading, writing and cooking; an environment for consuming and producing at the same time.

It grew out into figures of:


chef editor

trap office

writing cutlery


hopefool jeans

What one can anticipate to be served at editorial restaurant? What happens if the guests leave the table hungry? Craving for a complete course?